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Changelog · Wiki Entries

UBB.Threads v6.4.4 Changelog · 6.4.4 is a minor release that contains the following fixes and updates from version 6.4.3 Feature Changes Added additional security checking to the edit profile routines. Fixed a bug in ubbt.inc.php which was causing us to not be compatible with php
UBB.Threads v6.5 Changelog · Version 6.5 is a major upgrade, with an entirely new control panel, a new upgrade system, and many new features and refinements. Feature Changes Entirely rewrote the control panel from scratch. Every feature was considered, some removed, most expande
UBB.Threads v6.5.1 Changelog · Version 6.5.1 is a maintenance release that contains fixes to all of the known issues or bugs in 6.5. Feature Changes Reworked the new post tracking to use session files instead of cookies to eliminate the issue with maximum cookie size. Fixed a bug
UBB.Threads v6.5.1.1 Changelog · is a maintenance release that contains the following fixes and updates from version 6.5.1. Feature Changes Added additional security checks to the edit post routine.
UBB.Threads v6.5.2 Changelog · Version 6.5.2 is an important maintenance release that contains fixes to many known issues and bugs in Feature Changes Important: The minimum PHP version is now 4.1. Extensive form filtering and protection has been added You can no longer de
UBB.Threads v6.5.3 Changelog · Version 6.5.3 is an important security release. Release Notes We have released version 6.5.3 to the members area. This release contains a fix for a security issue we were informed of this afternoon. It also contains a handful of other fixes for a few
UBB.Threads v6.5.4 Changelog · Version 6.5.4 is a maintenance and security release. It is recommended that everyone upgrade to this release.
UBB.Threads v7.0 Changelog · v7.0 is a complete and total rewrite of the 70-80% of UBB.threads including a completely new database design.
UBB.Threads v7.0.1 Changelog · Feature Changes Added a email signature to the generic.php language file. This is added to all outgoing emails where 'optout' text can be specified. Bug Fixes Importing styles under certain PHP configurations resulted in nothing being imported. UBB.
UBB.Threads v7.0.2 Changelog · Bug Fixes Fixed an encoding problem with previewing a post on some servers. Some popup windows would call the not_right function on an error condition. This would result in the entire page being rendered inside the popup. Wrote a new function to hand
UBB.Threads v7.1 Changelog · New Features Modified the Online table to store User Agent and Referrer Variable. Changed the template to add a mouseover to each online visitor that will show both of these to Administrators and Moderators when viewing who's online. This will allow
UBB.Threads v7.1.1 Changelog · Feature Changes When adding a new group, permissions in all forums will default to No Access for the new group, instead of Read/Write. Changed the breadcrumbs so when viewing a forum it wouldn't show the forum name twice. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where
UBB.Threads v7.2 Changelog · New Features Added a new option in the control panel to force all users to accept the board rules on their next visit. As soon as this is checked, all users will need to agree to the board rules, even if they are currently logged in. Added an ajax ro
UBB.Threads v7.2.1 Changelog · Bug Fixes Fixed a bug with full post moderation and Guest Users, that was causing the DONOTDELETE user to be displayed. Fixed a bug with some RSS feeds not being consistently generated when a negative time offset was being used in the control panel.
UBB.Threads v7.2.2 Changelog · Bug Fixes Fixed an incorrect breadcrumb link when showing all user's posts. Fixed a problem with disabling the Forum Introduction Box. Fixed an incorrect favicon link in the control panel template. Fixed an issue with some scripts setting incorrect f
UBB.Threads v7.3 Changelog · New Features Added inline moderation to the postlist pages. This allows admins and moderators to manage multiple topics at once. It is now possible to limit the number of images that can be contained in a single post. New option to hide post counts f
UBB.Threads v7.3.1 Changelog · Bug Fixes Changed the up/down arrow indicators on all permission editor screens to graphics since the textual representation for these were not working on all systems. Added the option for Global Moderators to receive notifies under their My Preferen
UBB.Threads v7.4 Changelog · New Features Modified all gallery posts, so when viewing a picture it will give you the ubbcode for the thumbnail, medium and full sized images in the Post Description area. Also now displaying the size and dimensions of the full sized image. Modifie
UBB.Threads v7.4.1 Changelog · Bug Fixes Some admin scripts wouldn't allow submitting due to lack of a security variable. Moderators could put anything in their custom title without restrictions including HTML. This has been disabled. The offline/online indicator on the profile st
UBB.Threads v7.4.2 Changelog · Bug Fixes Fixed a bug on the Who's Online page and the links showing what thread a guest user is currently viewing. Fixed a SQL error with the file manager when MySQL runs in Strict mode. When deleting a user their file attachments or gallery images
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