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UBB.threads v7.6.1 Changelog · Wiki


- Released: January 1st, 2018


- UBBCentral: 7.6.1 Changelog Discussion


v7.6.1 was written by James Corthell (Gremelin, UBBDev, VNC Web Services) and Isaac DeCoursey (id242, id242.com).

UBB.threads 7.6.1 Refresh Changelog 2018-01-11
[FIX] Fixed a Login bug where if you had Spider-friendly URLs disabled and attempted to login, the page would display a "File not found" error message above the login options.
[FIX] Permissions within the Control Panel will no longer display a blank entry when the field is null. Those fields are now displayed as just "0" (Disabled).
[FIX] Fixed an IE10/11 user avatar display bug.
[FIX] Fixed missing sticky image and poll image display on the post list.
[UPDATE] Permissions description within the Control Panel has been updated for simplicity and to further clarify the available entries.
[UPDATE] "Max File Size for Displaying Attached Images Inline" has been moved to the main Attachments settings page within the Control Panel.
[UPDATE] Updated Font Awesome library from 5.0.1 to version 5.0.4
[NEW] The Forum Jumper menu can now return you to the current forum's index page when clicking on "Hop To".
[NEW] Attachment Display is now customizable between Grouped or Inlined. Grouped images are displayed as thumbnails grouped together under the post. Inlined images are displayed at full width (while still fitting within the post width) just under the post text.

The items listed above are part of the "Release Refresh" that was pushed to the Member Area on UBBCentral. These items are primarily related to fixing main functionality and display issues discussed with solutions on the UBBCentral forums within the first single week of release. The remaining items are feature requests that just happen to have made it in to this patch (possibly by magic).

Changelog Summary (Release Notice)
[NEW] Google reCAPTCHA is now available.
[NEW] New "My Account" drop-down menu. This menu replaces the "My Stuff" menu/links.
[NEW] Fetch_ip function will retrieve the correct Client IP address for sites behind a CDN or Firewall, or clients accessing the site behind a proxy.
[NEW] Attached images can now be automatically resized at the time of upload.
[NEW] Attached images can now be automatically compressed at the time of upload.
[NEW] New image "Attachments" page has been added to the Control Panel to control the size and compression of image attachments.
[NEW] Facebook "Share" has been added. This is in addition to "Like," which was already available.
[NEW] Added "Ventura" Style. Three variations are available: Burgundy, Cobalt, and Pine.
[NEW] Added "Ventura Open" Style. A variation of the "Ventura" style package. Two variations are available: Ink and Mint.
[NEW] Admin Log now records each time a user is checked or reported in StopForumSpam from the User Editor.
[NEW] The current forum config file is now backed up before new changes are saved. A forum owner can now roll back to their backup config file, if the new one gets corrupted during its creation.
[NEW] Post and Gallery attachments now display their file information on hover-over.
[NEW] Control Panel now displays the Post Attachments count and total size, as stored in the database.
[NEW] Control Panel now displays the Post Attachments count and total size, as stored on disk (when debugging is enabled).
[NEW] Control Panel Cache Manager will now purge files in the /tmp directory, and orphaned file entries in the database older than 2 hours.
[NEW] Login page now returns the user back to the page they were previously viewing just before logging in.
[NEW] Posts will now display an "OP" next to the name of the "Original Poster." Can be Customized through the Style Editor for each custom forum style.
[NEW] New Posts will now display a "NEW" indicator in the post subject/details bar.
[NEW] New default avatars will be displayed for users who do not have a profile avatar set.
[NEW] Long pages now will display a "Return to Top" chevron that can be clicked on to return the user back to the top of the page.
[NEW] Smooth Scroll added to the "Return to Top" jumper and the post/message previews.
[NEW] Added an option within the Primary/Advanced Settings to always "Expand Control Panel Sections" on key Control Panel pages.
[NEW] Responsive layout on mobile devices can be disabled for your entire forum.
[NEW] Subscription Details page can now be printed.
[NEW] Minify HTML Page Output

[UPDATE] UBB.gallery list page received some cosmetic updates to look more like a gallery by putting more attention on the thumbnail.
[UPDATE] Control Panel » Clear Cache now displays the items which will be cleared / rebuilt.
[UPDATE] All references to maps.google.com have been updated from HTTP to HTTPS.
[UPDATE] Control Panel now sends you directly to the Log In page if you are not logged in and attempt to access it.
[UPDATE] Post display has been updated and allows for the same author information to be displayed across multiple screen sizes.
[UPDATE] Private Messages indicator is now always displayed, making it easy for you to visit your Private Messages from any page.
[UPDATE] Topics can now be re-rated. If Topic Ratings are enabled, users can update their previous topic ratings.
[UPDATE] Topic Ratings menu has been completely updated.
[UPDATE] Active Topics layout has been adjusted to display a the first section of each listed post.
[UPDATE] Custom Titles are now shown in Italic font, and Forum Group Titles remain in regular font to help prevent users from faking a "Moderator" or "Admin" titles.
[UPDATE] The "My Account" left navigation menu will only display when there is enough screen width.
[UPDATE] CAPTCHA Settings group has been added to the Control Panel (General settings section).
[UPDATE] Social/Sharing Settings group has been added to the Control Panel (General settings section).
[UPDATE] Shareaholic setup directions have been updated to reflect the most recent changes on the shareaholic.com admin dashboard.
[UPDATE] SQL Backup now works as expected, and is quicker. Backup progress information is now displayed. Task start/end times are now added to the Admin Log.
[UPDATE] User Registration Queue pages have been polished. They now display the registrations in reverse chronological order (newest is first).
[UPDATE] User Registration Queue now only lists the last 50 registrations. A warning notice is shown when you reach 50+ registrations waiting.
[UPDATE] Control Panel updates and fixes, including further appearance updates, improved menus and layout corrections all over the place.
[UPDATE] Multiple language updates within the Control Panel for consistency, clarity, and layout improvement.
[UPDATE] Cleanup of language strings, templates, CSS, and JavaScript files.
[UPDATE] Updated Autosize library from 3.0.20 to version 4.0.0.
[UPDATE] Updated Dropzone asset from 4.3.0 to version 5.2.0.
[UPDATE] Updated FontAwesome library from 4.7.0 to version 5.0.1.
[UPDATE] Updated html5shiv library from 3.7.2 to version 3.7.3.
[UPDATE] Updated jQuery library from version 3.1.1 to version 3.2.1.
[UPDATE] Updated Lightbox asset from 2.9.0 to version 2.10.0.
[UPDATE] Updated PHPMailer library from 5.2.22 to version 5.2.25.
[UPDATE] Updated Smarty library from 2.6 to version 3.1.31.

[FIX] Viewing Subscriptions in CP would display a blank header and sidebar.
[FIX] Blank columns would display on some pages, when "Only Show [Left/Right] Column On The Portal" was checked.
[FIX] BBcode would insert html line breaks for PHP, HTML, and SQL BBcode Code tags.
[FIX] PHP4 left-overs updated to be correctly PHP5/PHP7 formatted. This progresses PHP7 compatibility.
[FIX] When creating a new Private Message, the "Add Users From Friend List" drop-down menu will not be displayed if the user has a blank "Friend List."
[FIX] Attachment/Poll Manager now updates the file/poll count in real time.
[FIX] Twitter and Facebook buttons on posts now use secure https URLs, use their current APIs and are now mobile-friendly.
[FIX] File Manager now displays a message when max attachments has been reached, and allow deletions of previous items.
[FIX] File Manager no longer pushes content off the screen for files with extremely long names.
[FIX] Minor Who's Online HTML fixes.
[FIX] UBB.gallery now displays the first image in the group as its main/cover thumbnail on the postlist page.
[FIX] UBB.gallery now displays the thumbnail images within each gallery with the correct proportions.
[FIX] Minor display fixes all over within the UBB.gallery pages.
[FIX] Fixed attached image Filename / Description display and Lightbox minimum window sizes.
[FIX] Fixed attached image Navigation indicators on Post List.
[FIX] UBB.gallery Image Manager now display image previews for image attachments.
[FIX] The Attachment Manager will now purge orphaned file entries in the database older than 2 hours.
[FIX] Post layout, "User info on top," has been fixed.
[FIX] Showflat post_top avatar display has been fixed for when a user has linked to a large image using an external URL for their avatar.
[FIX] User Avatar sizes on posts have been fixed.
[FIX] User Avatars are now displayed on Mobile screens.
[FIX] Gallery Threads now display the OP with the exact same style as post_top/mobile layout. All author details that are found within regular threads, are now displayed on Gallery threads.
[FIX] CAPTCHA now display correctly when the config variables cannot be passed through the url due to higher server security settings within php. This was a long-standing bug from at least UBBT 7.5.0. It has now been fixed.
[FIX] Control Panel display corrections for IPv6 addresses.
[FIX] Any code and page validation errors that were found, were fixed. There were a few of each.

Full Changelog and Developer's Progress Notes
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 6th, 2018 · Updated on September 17th, 2018
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