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UBB.threads Statistics · Wiki

What Is Covered

About the Modification
     • Configuration Settings
     • Database Connection Information
Frequently Asked Questions
     • How do I get my stats to link to the forum location?
     • What does purchasing a license entitle me to?



This page represents the full documentation for the UBB.Statistics script by VNC Web Services.


About the Modification

Requirements: UBB.threads 7.x (not compatible with UBB.threads 6.x or below)
Current Build: 20190918
License Information: This script is not freeware, it requires a license; by purchasing a license you're granted usage on 1 (one) UBB.threads installation. Any additional installations require an additional license. Updates are available for 1 year after initial purchase; after this timeframe, to aid in development costs, you must renew your access to updates (see the purchase link below for further information). You cannot freely provide this script to others without written permission from the author.
Pricing: $75 (Purchase Here)
Support: Support is available on the UBBDev thread UBB.Statistics.

UBB.Statistics is a script that we created to display a set of statistics for your UBB.threads install.

Displayed thread statistics can be customized to show only forums that allow guest access, or all forums. Charted data is created with Google Charts, and is subject to their service being available in the future.

Setting $conf["span"] will affect the "recent" section of stats, setting the $conf["max"] will affect the "historical" section of stats; one could have a recent set of 30 days with a historical set of all time, this year, etc.

Note · All Time Statistics
When setting $conf["max"] to 0 the system will attempt to build "all time" statistics, but the statistics generated may be different than you expect because of database triggers (such as both users leaving a Private Topic and the message being purged). The statistics generated are generated with live data from your database.



UBB.Statistics can be seen at:
A Gardeners Forum
A Gardeners Forum [Archive]
UGN Security
VNC Web Services




Configuration Settings

     $conf["path"] = "forums"; // If you would like to test the values of your UBB.threads configuration, please populate this field with the location of your UBB.threads install folder (either the path from this script (such as "forum") or full filesystem path (such as "/home/user/public_html/forum") without a trailing slash.
     $conf["advanced"] = 1; // Show Advanced Forum Stats? (Default: 1)
     $conf["basic"] = 0; // Show Basic Forum Stats? (Default: 0)
     $conf["chart"] = 1; // Show Charted Stats? (Default: 1)
     $conf["guest"] = 1; // Show topic information for only those guests can access? (Default: 1)
     $conf["max"] = 0; // What is the max span we should check for? (Default: 0/All Time)
     $conf["span"] = 30; // What is the default span we should check for? (Default: 30)
     $conf["total"] = 25; // What is the total amount of data we should check for? (Default: 25)
     $conf["year"] = 2010; // What is the oldest year we should build links for? (Default: 2010)

// Charts
     $chart["color"] = "7570b3"; // What color should the bars in the bar chart be (hex code or color code only)?
     $chart["topics"] = 1; // Display a chart for topics?
     $chart["posts"] = 1; // Display a chart for posts?
     $chart["previous"] = 1; // Display the previous year in charts?
     $chart["registrations"] = 1; // Display a chart for user registrations?
     $chart["pt"] = 1; // Display a chart for private topics?
     $chart["pm"] = 1; // Display a chart for private messages?


Database Connection Information

     $conf["db"]["password"] = "sql_password"; // This should be the password to your database.
     $conf["db"]["prefix"] = "ubbt_"; // This should be the table prefix of your UBB.threads installation.
     $conf["db"]["name"] = "sql_database"; // This should be your database which holds your UBB.threads installation.
     $conf["db"]["server"] = "localhost"; // This should be the hostname that you use to connect to MySQL.
     $conf["db"]["username"] = "sql_username"; // This should be the username to your database.

You can opt to either allow the script to read out your UBB.threads configuration or connect directly to the UBB.threads database with the information supplied in this section; you can adjust this behavior by populating $conf["path"] to the location of your UBB.threads install (see Configuration Settings).



Charted Data: Charted data for the selected year will display for Topics Created, Posts Created, User Registrations, Private Topics, and Private Messages.
General Statistics: General Statistics is the current running total of your forum, including Total Members, Total Private topics, Total Private Messages, Total Categories, Total Topics, and Total Posts.
Top Forums: Displays as both "Topics" and "Posts".
Top Topics: Displays "Views" and "Replies" for both X and Y periods.
Top Topic Starters: Displays for both X and Y periods.
Top Posters: Displays for both X and Y periods.
Top PM Users: Displays for both X and Y periods.
Logged In: Displays for both X and Y periods.
Styles: Items are only shown when selected, users using "forum default" will not display.
Languages: Items are only shown when selected, users using "forum default" will not display.
Top Moods: Displays the current top used mood images.



 20190918 (September 18, 2019)
• Code Cleanup
• First Post Date and Last Post Date have been added, as has the fetch_post_date function.
• You can now set the date format for any dates returned.
• IDs are now inserted for #top, #stats, #bottom

 20181010 (October 10th, 2018)
• Initial Build


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I view the previous in the charts?

Just set $chart["previous"] to 1 and the previous years stats will be listed below each months display.


How do I get my stats to link to the forum location?

When you point $conf["path"] to your UBB.threads folder UBB.Statistics will automatically generate links for all reports; these links will utilize your preferences set in your UBB.threads configuration (both SE Friendly URLs and the HTML extension).


What does purchasing a license entitle me to?

By purchasing a license to UBB.Statistics you're entitled to lifetime support of the script for the lifetime period of the script. You also receive access to a year of updates for free. Access to updates is purchased in blocks of 1 year for $75/yr to cover development costs. Please note that you are entitled to install this script on ONE domain per license; additional domains will require additional licenses.

UBB.Statistics is not freeware, it is licenseware; a separate license is required for every unique instance of the sitemap script that exists on your server.

Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 8th, 2018 · Updated on September 18th, 2019
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