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UBB.Threads v6.1 Changelog · Wiki

6.1 is a major release that involves most files, adds increased functionality and major security fixes.

Feature Changes

• An important security fix that affects all versions of UBB.threads.
• The ability to back up your UBB.threads database from the admin panel.
• The ability for users to opt out of mass emails sent by the admins.
• Mass emails can now be sent in HTML or text instead of just text.
• Admins can use a custom database prefix so that they can run more than one board per database( new installs only).
• Admins can use a custom cookie prefix. Again this is so that more than one board can be run per domain.
• Admins can add more (or remove) graemlins via the admin panel.
• Admins can add more (or remove) message icons via the admin panel.
• Attachments now use a download script rather than direct linking to the attached file.
• There is now a counter to show how many times an attachment has been downloaded.
• Added a new time format option (HH:MM DD/MM/YYYY).
• Made all subject text boxes the same size.
• Made a change so the temporary password field is always cleared out on successful login.
• Added an image next to the subject of posts that are sticky. Thanks to Lisa_P for the image.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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