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UBB.Threads v6.2 Changelog · Wiki

[h2]New Features[h2]
• Reworked the entire system to use the Userid in all tables instead of username.
• Reworked all scripts so they will generate no warnings when run with full warnings on.
• Reworked the Sticky posts to eliminate several bugs with them.
• Added in an alphabetic/numeric sort into the members list. Thanks to JustDave.
• Added in an option for users to change their display names if the admin allows it. This can be set to immediate change, or a queue where all changes must be approved by an administrator.
• Added the default table prefix into the config editor as a read only value.
• Added a confirmation screen when choosing to delete an entire thread.
• Added in an option to mark all posts as read.
• Added the instant UBBcode into the private messaging system. Thanks to Gardener.
• Added in a config option that requires users to verify their email before their account is activated. If used with user registration approval, admins will get notification of the new user after their email is verified. Accounts that do not have their email verified within 24 hours will be deleted.
• Added a config option to turn user ratings on and off.
• Reworked all of the templates to use a table open and close wrapper. This allows for modifying the look of the whole site just by changing the open/close table wrapper instead of editing every template.
• Added in a pagination routine for the postlist.php screen for threads with many pages. (ie. 1 2 3 4 ... 10 11 12 instead of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12)
• Reorganized the edit config screen into sections with links to jump to each section.
• Changed the front page to show the subject of the last post along with who posted it for each forum.
• Changed the way new posts are flagged on the postlist screen. Instead of using 2 different colored icons, it now uses a different colored table cell for the new post along with bolding of the line. This makes it so admins can upload new post icons of any color.
• Made an option to turn on/off the display of each forum's moderators on the main page.
• Added in a new option to log all MySQL errors along with the time,script and username to daily files. Thanks to Dave_L.
• Added in a new admin function to view or delete the MySQL error log files.
• Added in an option to log any activity in the admin section that actually changes something. Also a script for admins to view these logs. Thanks to Gardener.
• Reworked favorite forums. These will no longer display in the "My home" area. Instead there will be a toggle on the main forum listing page that will allow users to display all forums or only their favorite forums.
• Added a graphic next to each category title that will allow users to collapse or expand entire categories.
• Redid the category order function. Now the numbers assigned do not have to be consecutive. This will allow users to add categories add a later date that will fit in between current categories.
• Added a reply with quote option.
• Removed the option to have replies to your post emailed to you. Replaced this with a profile setting to have any posts in one of your favorite threads emailed to you. This will allow any registered user to subscribe to a thread, which is much more flexible than the previous setting.
• Updated admin/deleteuser.php to remove all favorite and reminder entries for a user when they are deleted.
• Updated approvepost.php and admin/doapproveposts.php to send out the emails for favorite entries when posts are approved.
• Updated deletepost.php and admin/doexpirethreads.php to remove all favorite and reminder entries.
• Added a new option when moving a thread to leave a pointer at the old location of the thread.
• Updated domovepost and domovethread to ensure that users who have a thread marked as a favorite still have access after a thread has been moved.
• Added an option to add a thread to your favorites when posting or replying.
• Added an option to include a reason for moving a thread when leaving a pointer to the new location.
• Made the Favorite thread and Reminders links into toggles. This means clicking once will add the thread/post to your favorites/reminders. Clicking again will remove it.
• Updated all of the templates to be valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Thanks JustDave.
• Updated all of the stylesheets to be valid CSS-2. Thanks JustDave.
• Added a new CSS stylesheet "GreenDay" by JustDave.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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