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UBB.Threads v6.2.2 Changelog · Wiki

6.2.2 is a minor maintenance release that contains the following fixes for problems reported since version 6.2 was released

Feature Changes

• Fixed a bug with the valid email check in adduser.php.
• Fixed a bug with the altertable script.
• Removed some old code from newpost.php and newreply.php.
• Reworked the query to delete unverified emails after 24 hours.
• Added missing language strings to the english/verifyemail.php language file.
• Split the ubbt_footer.tmpl into 2 templates to allow for the footer.php include to include php code in the same fashion that header.php include does.
• Fixed a bug in postlist/expanded mode that was showing the Anonymous username as "AnonymousUser" instead of simply "Anonymous".
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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