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UBB.Threads v6.3 Changelog · Wiki

New Features

• Moved all text in the administration into language files.
• All language files are now editable through the admin section.
• Added an option into the admin section to activate/deactivate languages. This allows for easy addition/removal of languages.
• Added an option to the mass mailer to send out emails one at a time on servers where Bcc mailing does not work.
• Added in the last poster for each thread when viewing the postlist screen.
• Added a modification of JustDave's "My Cookies" modification, with a template file, which allows users to delete all cookies from a UBB.threads site.
• Modified the banuser function so a user cannot login at all when they are banned.
• Modified showflat/showthreaded so the Board= portion isn't needed when linking to a post. This will keep bookmarks or links to posts that have been moved from breaking.
• Updated the COPPA registration and handling.
• Added the ability to add a custom charset or text direction for a language via the control panel.
• Fixed a bug with linebreaks getting messed up when editing a post under Mac OS 9.
• Fixed a SQL error when deleting all traces of a user.
• Fixed a sorting bug when viewing the address book.
• Fixed a SQL error in addons/ubbttopthreads.php
• Fixed a problem with forums not showing on main page when deleting all posts from a user or deleting a user.
• Fixed a problem with forums not showing on main page on certain occasions when cron/doexpire is run.
• Fixed a bug that would pop up if a post was moved while a user was replying to it.
• Fixed a problem with the mass mailer sending out duplicates on some servers.
• Fixed a bug that caused the year a user registered not to show.
• Fixed a bug with the instant ubbcode when previewing a reply to a private message.
• Fixed a bug with the userlist not showing all users properly.
• Fixed a bug that was causing the post icon to not show up on the main forum listing.
• Fixed a bug when leaving a pointer behind on a moved post made by an anonymous user.
• Added in a check to see if a thread is locked before allowing a user to edit their post.
• Added in Picture size checks into the printthread script.
• Made some changes to showflat to add back in the [Re: Username] next to the subject.
• Combined the welcome email in the adduser language file into 1 string instead of 3 separate strings.
• Made some changes to deletepost.php, so when deleting the last post in a thread the last poster would update properly for that thread on the postlist screen.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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