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UBB.Threads v6.4 Changelog · Wiki

Feature Changes

• Added in an option to save database queries that are used frequently from the admin section.
• Added in an option to delete a group that is no longer needed.
• Reworked the entire poll system to the style of UBB.classic, this supports multiple questions within a single poll, options for users to vote for more than 1 option, start/stop time and a few other options.
• Added a calendar system that can be used for showing public/private events and birthdays.
• Added a configuration option that allows admins to choose which user groups can add public events to the calendar.
• Added a new profile option for birthdate, along with a setting to have this displayed in the user's public profile, and in the calendar.
• Added a preference that allows users to choose what format they want their times displayed in.
• Added a modification to only show a homepage icon on the member list to prevent long url's from stretching the tables.
• Added a column to display the user's avatars on the member list.
• Added an option to show the user's age when displaying birthdays.
• Added an option to show today's birthdays on the main forum listing.
• Modified the online table to allow for showing the number of users viewing each forum on the main ubbthreads page without adding any extra queries.
• Added an option to user's public profile pate to ignore that user. Posts from ignored users will still be shown to preserve the flow of a conversation, however the body of ignored user's posts will be set to "You are ignoring this user.
• Added a new option to allow users to select from a predefined set of avatars for their picture.
• Added an option when creating/editing a forum to select an image to be displayed next to the forum on the main page.
• Added a birthday image next to the user's username on showflat/showthreaded when it is their birthday.
• Added a new option when creating a main topic that creates a calendar event for a specified day for that topic. Events will not be displayed on the calendar if the topic is in a forum that a user doesn't have read access to.
• Reworked the search engine. New options include searching only subjects or subjects and body. Searching for keywords by a particular user. Searching between a date range, older than a certain date, newer than a certain date. Showing a preview of the post body with the results. More complex searches using + (required word) and - (posts that don't contain a word).
• Cut 2 queries out of postlist.php for efficiency.
• Cut 1 query out of showflat.php for efficiency.
• Cut 1 query out of showthreaded.php for efficiency.
• Cut another query out of showflat.php if there are no unread posts in the thread.
• Made some modifications to the indexes on the Posts table. This will substantially reduce the number of rows needing to be searched on the postlist/showflat/showthreaded screens.
• Added option to make a post sticky when creating it by selecting a checkbox.
• Moved all thread management tools, move thread, stick/unstick thread, delete thread, (un)lock thread and (un)keep thread out of the edit post screen and down to the bottom of showflat/showthreaded.
• Added an option for users to choose if they want their signature attached to a post when creating it or editing it.
• Added in a config option so admins can specify how long users are displayed in "Who's Online" after they have been inactive.
• Modified movepost/movethread so it returns you to the original forum instead of the forum you moved the post/thread to.
• Reworked the forum listing under the subscriptions portion of the user profile so it lists what category each forum belongs to.
• Created a new send_mail function for sending out emails. Modified each script that sends out email to call the function instead of mail() directly.
• Created a ubbt_setcookie function that all cookies are now set with.
• Made some changes so posts with polls in them can be edited. The poll itself is not editable, but any text within the post will be.
• Added a maintenance section into the "My Home" area. Added a link to the "My Cookies" utility and move the "Mark all Read" from the navigation bar into this section.
• Reworked the navigation menu. Added a welcome username line and made the nav links into 2 lines to prevent stretching on lower resolutions.
• Made it possible to make a post without a post icon.
• Added new config options to designate the total # of views or replies for a hot topic.
• Added a new table cell on the postlist page to display the hot topic icons, sticky posts, posts with polls, closed topics, or posts with attachments.
• Added a new icon on the postlist screen in the new table cell that helps designate topics that are attached to a calendar event.
• Added a configurable caching system to cache some things that don't change that often. At this point, that includes total # of users, newest user and today's birthdays. This cuts off 3 queries from the main page when used.
• Added the configuration for the cache settings into the admin -> editconfig area.
• Using the new caching table, added a stat to the main page that shows the max # of users that were ever online.
• Added a new option into the admin section to add/remove from the list of available avatars users can choose from.
• Added a new option into the admin section to add/remove from the list of forum images that can be selected when creating/editing a forum.
• Added the name of the person that created the calendar event when viewing events for a particular day.
• Added a pagination routine to simplify jumping between pages within a forum.
• Added a new icon that designates a moved thread.
• Changed the red sticky icon to a yellow one to match the color of the stock icons.
• Made some changes so an admin user can change their display name without going into the display name change queue.
• Made some changes so admin users can have special characters in their display names even if they are turned off for normal users.
• Made changes so the first user (main administrator) to register can have any special characters they want in their display name even if it's turned off in the config file.
• Added an admin config option to enable/disable the display of birthdays on the calendar.
• Added a display length limit for the location field on showflat/showthreaded to keep people from scewing the display width.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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