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UBB.Threads v6.5.1 Changelog · Wiki

Version 6.5.1 is a maintenance release that contains fixes to all of the known issues or bugs in 6.5.

Feature Changes

• Reworked the new post tracking to use session files instead of cookies to eliminate the issue with maximum cookie size.
• Fixed a bug regarding controlling who can vote in polls.
• Fixed a stylesheet problem with new posts in expanded mode.
• Fixed an ordering problem with active topics.
• Fixed a bug where the group management screen does not take permission changes properly.
• Fixed a content island bug not showing the links properly when only one RSS 2.0 feed was created.
• Fixed a bug that was allowing moderators to semi-create global announcements.
• Fixed a bug where deleting global announcements could potentially alter the topic/post counters in the wrong forum.
• Fixed a bug that was preventing admin/mod indicators showing on search results/active topics.
• Re-added the missing feature of updating all the user titles when titles are changed, which also caused the bug of current titles not changing when new post levels are reached.
• Fixed a bug where the categories page was not using search-engine friendly url's to each category, when the option was turned on.
• Fixed a bug that wasn't allowing anonymous users to create a poll even when turned on.
• Fixed a bug that was allowing moved pointers to be edited, which could end up breaking the moved pointer.
• Fixed a bug that would throw a SQL error when editing a user from the CP if the user didn't belong to any groups.
• Fixed a bug where when searching for a username, the username wasn't cached when displaying the searchterms on search result pages.
• Fixed a FAQ bug that was showing an email contact link even if a contact url was specified in the control panel.
• Fixed a text bug where when editing a post and file attachments were turned off where it would still say add or edit an attachment.
• Fixed a bug with the control panel that would remove backslashes from config file settings when performing various actions.
• Fixed a bug where the Quote link was not being closed properly.
• Fixed a bug where passwords were not able to be sent to the user via the CP properly.
• Fixed a bug where search keywords being a part of a URL would sometimes change the case of the link so it wouldn't work properly.
• Replaced a missing check to make sure forum keywords are alphanumeric only.
• Fixed a bug with the private message counter that could potentially display a negative amount of private messages.
• Fixed a case sensitivity bug when checking for reserved names.
• Fixed a bug that was showing the quick reply box and the reply/quote buttons on locked threads.
• Fixed a bug where the categories template brings up cached search results when visiting the newposts in past 24/48/7days links.
• Added a check to make sure fields required at registration time cannot be blanked out when a user edits their profile.
• Fixed a bug where moderators could not delete/edit their own posts in forums they moderate.
• Fixed an admin member search bug that was ignoring searches on users where their last post was made on/before/after a certain date.
• Fixed a bug that would break the extra profile fields if HTML was used in the fields.
• Fixed a bug when clicking search when in a forum, the search didn't default to that forum.
• Fixed a bug with the category field in the boards table not being updated when category names where changed.
• Put a fix in to allow everything to run under PHP 5 properly.
• Fixed a problem with category sorting in a number of scripts.
• Altered the mycookies.php script so it wouldn't allow the user to view/delete the cookies set for underage users.
• Fixed a regular expression bug with censor words containing a forward slash.
• Fixed a regular expression bug with the search engine.
• Fixed a regular expression bug with reserved names
• Fixed a problem that was allowing a category to be selected for content islands, that would result in an error.
• Fixed a password issue with the installer and old crypt() passwords.
• Fixed a problem with an improper keyword showing up in the language editor.
• Fixed a couple of issues with moving threads.
• Fixed an issue with changing post icons where it wouldn't allow the default icon to be changed.
• Fixed a problem where a backup back up all tables would skip w3t_AddressBook.
• Fixed a problem when deleting a user where it wouldn't update the cached total of users.
• Fixed a bug when admins would subscribe users to email digests through the control panel.
• Fixed a number of importer bugs.
• Fixed an issue with the header/footer editor not actually updating the footer.
• Fixed a bug where the user flood control was not working properly.
• Fixed a bug with the AM/PM selections when adding a poll.
• Guest users no longer see lit lightbulbs, as post tracking isn't enabled for guest users.
• Fixed a bug with moving a thread in threaded mode.
• Fixed a bug with locking a thread in threaded mode.
• Fixed a bug with making a post sticky in threaded mode.
• Added some code to make sure a user always belongs to at least 1 group.
• Fixed a bug with username colors not being displayed on search results.
• Fixed a bug where replying from the quick reply box would always send you back to showflat, even if preference was showthreaded.
• Optimized a query in the online.php script
• Fixed a variety of notice/warning errors.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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