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UBB.Threads v6.5.2 Changelog · Wiki

Version 6.5.2 is an important maintenance release that contains fixes to many known issues and bugs in

Feature Changes

Important: The minimum PHP version is now 4.1.
• Extensive form filtering and protection has been added
• You can no longer delete the last category
• New post tracking now works better when linked directly to a topic without visiting the parent forum first
• Post anchors were not correctly formed in expanded view
• Content Islands could contain unapproved posts
• Splitting a topic would not update the topic data correctly
• Newer PHP versions no longer complain about a possible session bug
• New installs should now have proper default settings for the search page
• The edit link is no longer visible to normal users after the edit time has elapsed
• The altertable and createtable scripts were updated to remove syntax that was causing failures under MySQL 4.1
• Fixed a possible failure of the HTML/UBBCode selection dropdown box on the new topic/reply form
• Fixed a possible failure of the edit form to pick up the proper HTML/UBBCode selection from when the post was originally created
• File version checking while performing an upgrade should always detect the proper file versions now
• Unregistered users will no longer get a corrupted date display when certain default settings are used
• Fixed a syntax error in admin/changeuser.php
• Added a filter to the forum keyword field to remove illegal characters
• There should no longer be a form key error after previewing a post
• The Remember Me checkbox will now appear properly in cookie mode
• The "show all" option on postlist should now work properly
• The mailer has been adjusted slightly to include ‘>’ and ‘<’ for cases where they should appear, and exclude them when they should not.
• The mailer has also been adjusted to include the correct number of ‘From:’ headers.
• The sessions directory path setting has been moved in the control panel from it’s old location (primary settings, advanced options) to the paths and URLs tab. It makes more sense for this path setting to be with the rest of the path settings.
• Changes made to session handling to fix post tracking bugs in NOTE: Due to this change, UBB.threadsâ„¢ now requires PHP 4.1.0 or higher.
• Changes have been made to make form variable validation more secure.
• A check has been added to prevent Admins from deleting all categories.
• Upgrade system has been changed to ensure that it can always compare version numbers properly.
• Sessions directory path moved in the control panel to the paths and URLS tab.
• The mailer has been adjusted to remove the extra From: headers, adjust the headers in proper order, and to remove extra arrow brackets.
• The forum image selector has been styled to match the rest of the control panel.
• The createtable.php script has been updated to run properly under MySQL 4.1.x
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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