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UBB.Threads v7.0.1 Changelog · Wiki

Feature Changes

• Added a email signature to the generic.php language file. This is added to all outgoing emails where 'optout' text can be specified.

Bug Fixes

• Importing styles under certain PHP configurations resulted in nothing being imported.
• UBB.classic import script was not checking version # properly.
• All import redirect scripts were not allowing search engine friendly urls to be turned off.
• RSS template file that was causing the RSS feeds to be unreadable.
• Top Posters island would not align the post totals properly when certain fonts were used.
• Mass emailing of members ended up with a SQL error if the email was sent to only a select # of users.
• Inserting user into the USER_GROUPS table would result in an error if the user's U_Groups field had the user listed in the same group twice.
• A post that contained an abnormal amount of graemlins would cause the importer to die. Reworked the threads_import script to get around this.
• Yahoo, AIM and MSN profile fields were mixed up when changed in the user profile.
• Some servers would set the permissions on user uploaded avatars to 600 which would make them unreadable.
• Some servers had a javascript issue the way the date was being handled in the calendar.
• Moving topics from the control panel would result in inaccessible topics if the "copy" option was used.
• Another RSS feed problem where certain characters in the feed title were not being escaped properly.
• Fixed a character encoding issue with quickquote/previewpost.
• Altered the code so if you were watching a topic you wouldn't get an email when you made a reply to the topic.
• Fixed a javascript issue when previewing styles from the style screen.
• Added a missing language string to admin/addimages.php
• All redirect scripts had a typo in the search friendly url settings.
• Fixed a bug when trying to remove multiple users from a certain group in the control panel.
• Fixed a bug when creating/editing multi-forum RSS feeds where you could not set the number of body characters to 0.
• Fixed a bug with the Advanced Search Button not working when using a different language set.
• Altered the code to purge cached permissions for a user when they were edited in the control panel.
• Fixed a bug when TIME_OFFSET was required at registration. Entering 0 would result in a "All required fields not filled in" error.
• Fixed the registration page to show the Contact Us form when configured in the control panel.
• Custom Headers and Footers for individual forums were not working at all.
• Fixed a bug that would not allow the img tag to be disabled in signatures.
• When editing a post that was attached to a calendar event, the calendar event data would not be filled in.
• Turning off the side columns would make the User List menu item disappear from the navigation bar.
• Fixed a couple bugs related to bad permissions checks on subforums.
• Fixed a bug with changing user groups where it was looking for an old field name.
• Fixed a problem with the importer with a couple of the markup codes still trying to use old language strings.
• Cleaned up a few issues when PHP is set to run in safe_mode.
• RSS feeds were not being regenerated other than when the admin visited the control panel.
• Topics tied to a calendar day were disappearing from the calendar when a user edited a reply to the main topic.
• Stock Avatar selection would not appear in the user's profile unless remote or uploaded avatars were turned on.
• Enabling topic ratings would result in an extra linebreak on the postlist screen on topics that were more than one page in length.
• 2 bug fixes related to HTML being sent out in emails when plaintext should be sent.
• Fixed a variety of grammar/spelling issues.
• Fixed a language string issue and the calendar sometimes showing abbreviated month names.
• Added a missing anchor reference to emails sent out for Watch Lists. This will make it so you will scroll to the actual post the email is for instead of just at the top of the page.
• Deleting a topic would not delete it from the CALENDAR_EVENTS table if it was marked as a calendar event.
• Line breaks were being counted as part of the length of a user's signature.
• Fixed a missing text string when birthday selection was turned on in the registration screen.
• Alternate sets of forum images attached to a style were not being used. It would always default to the base style's forumimage set.
• "Edited By" was not showing in threaded mode.
• Finished cleaning up the language strings. Quite a few old strings were still in the files even though they were no longer being used. So, went through all of the scripts and language files to clean this up.
• The word "Preview" was hardcoded into several templates and not coming from the language files.
• When manually adding a user to send a private topic to, the javascript would add the user twice.
• Fixed another hardcoded language string. This one in the login template.
• Fixed a language string issue with the newuser script.
• Reworked the "Forgot Password" function so it would always lookup by Username first in case a user filled in both fields and had multiple accounts under a single email.
• Fixed a small html problem with libs/ubbthreads.inc.php
• Fixed a javascript issue when expanding/collapsing a category. The browser would always scroll to the top after expanding or collapsing.
• Fixed a css issue with the control panel css file.
• Fixed several problems with polls that had a starting time or where a user must vote before viewing the results.
• Fixed a problem with the language editor not stripping slashes under some configurations.
• Approving users wasn't appending to the admin log properly.
• Fixed a mass mailer bug that was sending out to people that didn't want to receive admin emails.
• Any time a custom portal box was edited it would add a linebreak to the end of the file.
• Fixed a bug with the Always Build island not always building portal boxes.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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