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UBB.Threads v7.0.2 Changelog · Wiki

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an encoding problem with previewing a post on some servers.
• Some popup windows would call the not_right function on an error condition. This would result in the entire page being rendered inside the popup. Wrote a new function to handle these properly.
• Deleting a user and all of their posts in the control panel would leave the topic in place but inaccessible.
• Made a change that will allow for special characters such as â„¢ © to be displayed properly.
• Fixed a language string bug with admin/editstyle.php
• Fixed a bug when pruning or mass moving topics where the link was pointing to the old showflat.php script.
• Graemlins that were set to inactive were still being processed in do_markup.
• Fixed a couple of javascript problems where it wasn't notifying about a user being over their private message limit.
• Fixed a bug that would allow a user to specify a remote url even if remote urls were not turned on.
• Move pointers were being displayed on the portal page if a pointer was left behind on a news-enabled forum.
• Modified the graemlin markup routines to allow for < and > to be part of the markup code. Also added alt/title tags to the graemlins when converted. Thanks to GregH.
• Fixed a bug when moving a branch of a topic where it wasn't updating the last post info in the newly created topic.
• Fixed a bug that was allowing users to bypass the maximum private message participants.
• Fixed a bug when not enabling a start time for a poll. The poll wouldn't start immediately.
• Added a chmod call when new styles are created. On some systems the styles would be unreadable due to invalid permissions.
• Fixed a typo in the generic.php language file.
• Fixed a bug when trying to do a mass group change.
• Fixed a bug when trying to use double quotes in a member title.
• Fixed a bug when exporting a list of email addresses from a specified group of users.
• On some servers, stylesheets weren't being created with the proper permissions.
• Made a variety of changes to some of the javascript to try and work around some Internet Explorer issues with the AJAX functions.
• Fixed a few issues with the mass mailer.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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