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UBB.Threads v7.1.1 Changelog · Wiki

Feature Changes

• When adding a new group, permissions in all forums will default to "No Access" for the new group, instead of Read/Write.
• Changed the breadcrumbs so when viewing a forum it wouldn't show the forum name twice.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug where using the Manage Topic dropdown options would hang on certain browsers.
• Fixed a problem with the date on the Calendar showday page not showing in the user's preferred date format.
• Fixed a bug when you have many smileys and the shoutbox enabled in the right column. Portion of the smiley popup window would appear behind the shoutbox.
• Fixed a bug when a subject was changed, the last post column on the forum index wasn't updated properly.
• Fixed a bug where the postlist page wasn't showing the proper # of pages.
• Fixed a bug with certain characters breaking the form when editing a custom island.
• Fixed a bug where some users were getting duplicate emails on watched items.
• Fixed a bug when deleting a topic it would give the wrong information in the breadcrumb bar.
• Fixed a bug with the Active Text featuring causing problems when the text fell within image tags.
• Fixed a bug when moving a topic and leaving a pointer where it wasn't updating the last post information properly on the source forum.
• Fixed several typos on form fields with missing css classes.
• Fixed an issue with certain characters breaking the portal calendar display.
• Added in a missing instruction for using portal islands externally from the forum.
• Fixed a couple layout issues with the Guest and Search Bot areas of the Online screen.
• Fixed a bug with the width and height of uploaded URLs not being detected properly on all servers. Thanks to Fred for catching this one.
• Switched to using a standard br tag instead of wbr for breaking up long words in the shoutbox since Opera does not support the wbr tag.
• Fixed a couple spots where the config file specified language was being used instead of the user's preferred one.
• When a post is made without using UBBCode or HTML, carriage returns will now be converted to line breaks.
• Fixed a couple pagination issues.
• Fixed a parsing problem with br tags when editing or quoting a post.
• Fixed a bug when unstickying a post where it was looking for the wrong URL.
• Fixed a bug with the User List where sometimes a negative value was being passed as the limit statement causing a MySQL error.
• Previewing a post would allows be censored, even when censoring was turned off.
• Fixed a stripslashes bug when displaying poll results.
• Fixed a bug with the Advanced Search button not working under some language translations.
• Fixed a language bug when RSS feeds were manually rebuilt from the control panel.
• Fixed a bug on some servers where the list of online users was not being displayed correctly.
• Fixed a bug when removing watched topics/users from the "My Stuff" area wouldn't remove the spy glass icon on the forum listing.
• Fixed a database problem when trying to split a topic after it had been merged.
• Fixed a couple database problems with people running MySQL 5 in Strict Mode.
• Fixed a bug where users were still getting Watch List notifications for things they no longer had access to.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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