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UBB.Threads v7.2.1 Changelog · Wiki

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug with full post moderation and Guest Users, that was causing the ••DONOTDELETE•• user to be displayed.
• Fixed a bug with some RSS feeds not being consistently generated when a negative time offset was being used in the control panel.
• Fixed a problem with adding moderators with single quotes in their name, on the Moderator Management screen.
• Fixed several bugs with the birthday emails. It will now check if the user wants to receive admin emails and check if the board is closed. Also, moved the entire subject to the language file.
• Fixed a problem where admins might get duplicate emails when the Notify option on a post. Also, removed some duplicate code from the script.
• Fixed a html bug with the private message layout.
• Added a tabindex to the private message edit screen.
• Fixed a bug with the moderator listing when showing subforums on the postlist page.
• Fixed a misleading error message on the Forgotten Password page.
• Fixed a typo that was causing an issue with removing custom titles.
• Fixed a bug where the topic/post totals would corrupt when deleting the last topic in a forum.
• Fixed a permission problem with gallery/file attachments on some servers.
• Fixed a bug when deleting forums where it wasn't deleting attachments or gallery images in the forum.
• Fixed a problem with multibyte characters causing problems with the gallery medium sized images.
• Editing a gallery forum when the language files were not set to English would result in the gallery forum being turned into a regular forum.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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