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UBB.Threads v7.3 Changelog · Wiki

New Features

• Added inline moderation to the postlist pages. This allows admins and moderators to manage multiple topics at once.
• It is now possible to limit the number of images that can be contained in a single post.
• New option to hide post counts from being viewable.
• New option to disable the Invisible preference for the Who's Online screen.
• All displayed links now pass through a central function. This provides the functionality to add a fake .html extension to the end of urls, along with making search engine friendly urls, even more friendly.
• It is now possible to designate certain forums to not count towards a users total post count.
• You may now change the Markup type while editing a post.
• New option on Active Topics to show Topics that do not have any replies yet.
• It is now possible to set a sort order for graemlins.
• All popup menus can now be custom skinned using a new class.
• "html", "sql", "post", "highlight", "sup", "sub", "gallery" markup codes are now available.
• Added a variety of Content Rebuilders in the control panel. These can be used to recalculate post counts, rebuild content based on censor word or ubb code changes, etc.
• The admin can select a 'category only' mode, which tells cfrm to display only categories as the starting point. this is very useful for boards with tons of forums.
• It is now possible to change the starting day of the week for the calendar.
• There is now a toggle to exclude certain forums from the Active Topics display.
• You can now specify if you want the last post information to show for Teaser Forums.

Feature Changes

• The entire UBB Code parsing engine has been rewritten to be much more flexible.
• The entire front end is now fully XHTML Transitional valid.
• A variety of code cleanup finished, which includes some unused variables, php notices, etc.
• The Who's Online Island has been rewritten to include color codes, search bots, etc.
• The shoutbox will now show username colors where appropriate. Also added an IRC like /me functionality.
• The following changes were made to the Text Editor:
     • Smiley popup will no longer stretch to the skies imagination.
     • With the forthcoming implementation of code highlighting, code was given it's own menu.
     • Popups now show correctly positioned in all browsers.
     • Aligned image bbcode is now much easier to discover.
     • The bigger/smaller images are moved to be vertically related.
     • Popups autohide when you click the textarea.
• When saving a query, it is now possible to provide a description for the query.
• Modified spoiler and list tags. Spoilers now have spoiler=Message and list tags now support list=(circle|i|I|a|A|1|disc|square)
• The Member List has been reorganized to more closely resemble the UBB.classic version. This will also show the user's current online/offline status.
• The pagination code has been redone to make it easier to jump around forums/topics with multiple pages.
• Abbreviated subjects on the cfrm/postlist pages will now show the full subject when hovered over.
• Moderators and Styles will now be listed alphabetically when shown in list form.
• You can now set your notifications to only notify you when a new topic is created, instead of for every post.

The following changes and additions were provided by SirDude, another big thanks.

New Features

• admin and user level enabled tooltip hover. fully html preview (intelligently truncated -- all open tags are closed, automatically -- to a set limit of characters) of posts that are hovered over. can be enabled globally and/or on a per user basis. hover also uses the popup_content classes.
• In the footer bar there is now an option to change the Stylesheet or Language settings, this is available to guest users as well.
• Added a config option to designate how many Usernames are displayed in the Who's Online portal box. Setting this to 0 will make it display all Usernames.
• Added a Control Panel option so Admins can designate to show both the Custom Title & Post Based Title, or only the Custom one.
• A configurable tooltip hover for topics with adjustable style settings.
• It is now possible to just search the body of a post, excluding the subject.
• New style setting for highlighting matched search words in a post instead of just using the old bold tag.
• New control panel option to display the "Hop To" select menu in a popup on the postlist and showflat screens.
• If you are a moderator and can edit a user, or are an admin, you will now see an Edit User link in the popup when clicking a username.
• Addition by SirDude. Emails will now send out both an HTML and plaintext copy. HTML emails can be styled with the addition of new classes.
• Addition by SirDude. When emailing a post, you will now get the option of emailing just that single post, or the post and all of it's replies as well.
• Addition by SirDude. It is now possible to email a Private Message to yourself.
• Added the capability to email the entire topic to oneself.
• 'My Stuff' menu option to have it as either a drop down or as a left navigation menu.
• 'My Buddies' is back, but with more functionality. You can check multiple users, and then launch a PM to all selected (within limits). Multiple delete. View Posts and Profile from same screen.
• 'My Feeds' added to enable users to view automatically generated RSS Feeds for the forums they are allowed access to. This also includes their own Private Messages and Active topics/posts.
• When an admin, moderator or user with sufficient permissions replies to a topic, they have a new option: "Lock this topic" where they can save their reply and instantly lock the topic at the same time.
• Finished with all the subscription functionality. Will allow the admin to setup "Subscription Groups" where a user can elect to join a group by making a payment via check/money order or through PayPal.
• Admin has the ability to allow access by a one time donation, or a subscription basis ( X amount of money, for X time period).
• Added a Custom tag editor that allows admins to add new tags for their board: Tags can be video tags like youtube, google video, yahoo video or can be other things that they might find useful. The admin control panel editor allows both import and export of tags, so sharing amongst UBBT admins can be done very easily. No need to edit code, since it's all done from the admin cpanel.
• Total new Permission system which includes:
     •Forum Specific permissions, you can set each of these on a per group basis:
          • Can Use HTML
          • Can Use Markup
          • Total # of File Attachments
          • Maximum File Size for File Attachments
          • Can Post Polls in Topics
          • Can Post Polls in Replies
          • Posts are Moderated
          • Can See the Forum
          • Can Read Topics
          • Can Read Replies
          • Can Create Topics
          • Can Create Replies
          • Must fill in CAPTCHA to post
          • Can Download Attachments
          • Total # of Gallery images per post
          • Maximum size of Gallery images allowed
          • Display Ad Island if it's configured for forum
          • Can Edit Own Posts
          • Can Delete Own Posts
          • Can Lock Any Topic
          • Can Move Any Topic
          • Can Delete Any Post
          • Can Edit Any Post
          • Can Sticky Any Post
          • Can Approve Posts
     •These are Site Permissions, that apply to the entire board and not specific forums:
          • Can use the img markup in signatures
          • Can view the Member List
          • Can view Member Profiles
          • Can Mail Posts to others
          • Can Vote in polls
          • Total # of Private Topics allowed
          • Maximum number of people that can be invited to a private topic
          • Can add public events to the calendar
          • Maximum signature length
          • Can specify a remote avatar
          • Can pick a stock avatar
          • Can Upload their own avatar
          • Can Email their favorites
          • Can Use the Shoutbox
          • Can Make Global Announcements
          • Can Use the Search Engine
          • Minimum Time between searches

Feature Changes

• Several more style classes have been added for even more customization.
• The Style editor/preview screen has had a variety of updates to show all of the new available classes and also will preview special wrappers properly now.
• Language file entries that contain variables have been totally redone. They now have the syntax of %%VARIABLE_NAME%%, which will make it much easier to change language strings that contain variables without the need to dive into the actual code.
• Active Topics to use the post alternating colors (row based), instead of alt-1, alt-2 column based. also colorize user display names.
• Viewmessages now usees inline modification highlighter javascript code and the new selector class to give user feedback on which rows have been selected (checked) -- uses the inline_selected class for this.
• Viewmessage will now color profile info. ie: usernames like showflat (left style) does.
• Added 'globalmodname' class to properly color the upcoming Super Moderator group.
• Added 'search_highlight' class (vs original bold) to better distinguish words used for searching posts.
• When an admin clicks on Edit User, they are given 3 more bottom tab options of: Viewing User's Profile, PM the User and Viewing User's Posts.
• The Top Posters Island has been rewritten to include username color codes
• The full text search queries have been optimized.
• Viewmessages (PMs) has been enhanced to additionally include: Emailing of multiple selected PMs as well as deletion.
• Name colorization has been added to many areas that ignored the color in the past.
• Cleanup of active topics to be more consistent and less cluttered. Also added on hover tooltip preview in full HTML markup, as an option.
• Went through all watch lists and cleaned up the UI, cleaned up templates and fixed bugs.

Bug Fixes

• Since we're testing portions of the code as they are being developed, some bugs have already been fixed, which will make the release process much quicker.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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