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The gallery feature allows you to designate a forum or forums as a image gallery forum. A Gallery forum will allow images uploaded as a post and the file size and number of images per post are designated by the Administrator. Replies are allowed if the forum permissions allow so but reply's can't upload additional images. Also once a forum is designated as a gallery forum you can't switch it back to a normal forum.

Getting Started

In the 7x versions when you installed it, there would have been a gallery directory included in the zip file.
So the very first thing you should do is verify that the directory permissions are correct on your site.

Checking File Permissions

You can do this from the UBB control panel.
• Log in to the forum as a admin.
• Select the Control panel link on the left.
• Scroll down to the Tools & Info section and select the Permission Checks option.
• All items in this list should have a OK in green to the right of each directory.
• If you have a Fail item refer to [//www.ubbwiki.com/index.php?title=Uploading_the_Software_Files#Set_File_.26_Directory_Permissions Directory Permissions] to correct it using either your FTP program or your web host control panel.
If you see a Fail in red then you can click on that line item to show more detail.

Gallery Settings

• Log in to the forum as a admin.
• Select the Control panel link on the left.
• Scroll down to the Master Settings section and select the Gallery Settings option.
• The first item Graphics Library is defaulted to GD2. You should verify that you have this installed from your host. If you elect to have ImageMagick if it is available you will first need to add the path to UBB ADD BOOKMARK
• The rest of the fields are self explanatory.
• When done editing select the Update Settings button.

Create a Gallery Forum

You will need to create a net new forum and before you start doing anything else designate it as a gallery forum.
• Log in to the forum as a admin.
• Select the Control panel link on the left.
• Scroll down to the forums Section and select the Forum Settings link.
• Select the Add New Forum Tab at the bottom of the screen.
• I would suggest the very first item to do is check the Is Gallery Forum field so you don't forget.
• Enter a forum title.
• Check the Forum Enabled field.
• Select the Add New Forum button at the bottom.
This will create the Gallery forum with the bare minimum settings. You can go back later and edit the other fields.

Forum Permissions

For this article I will not get into the normal forum permission setting but deal with only permissions specific for a gallery forum.
• Log in to the forum as a admin.
• Select the Control panel link on the left.
• Scroll down to the Permissions Section and select the Forum Permissions link.
• In the Currently editing permissions for field select your new Gallery forum and click on the Switch button on the right.
• This will ensure you are editing permissions for that forum.
• In the middle column you will see Total # of gallery images , Select that item and enter a number of allowed files to upload per group for each group you desire. Enter a 0 for what group you do not wish to allow.
• In the right column select Maximum size of gallery images,Enter a value in bytes for the size of each uploaded file by group allowed.
• Select the Update this forum's permissions button to save your changes.
To allow a 1MB file then you would enter 1048576. To allow none it would be 0. Also there is a caption in the header of this field. This displays the maximum file size allowed by your php.ini file from your host. File sizes will not be allowed to exceed this value. Contact your host to find out how to increase this value.

User Guide

Now that all of the steps are done, the question is, how do I use the feature? If the admin allows you to see and use the forum you can use this feature only limited by the file sizes and number of files set to what group you are in.
• The feature called Image Manager if enabled will appear when making a new topic or reply.
• Below the body of your post will be a link called Image manager.
• After you select the Image Manager link you will see a popup screen.
     • In the header you will see how many files you may upload as well as the file size limitation.
     • If you wish to make a file caption or notation you may enter it there.
     • Select the browse button and select the file you wish to upload.
     • Select the Add File button.
     • You will see just below the header your uploaded file and have the option to delete it.
     • When finished Select the Done Adding Files button and you will be returned to your post.
     • Now the weird part. You will not see your uploads on this screen but you are required to have a subject and body in your post.
     • Select the submit button and your uploads will appear in the post.
You can not add images as a reply.

Depending on the settings by the admin for file sizes your upload, if below the setting in size will appear, If the size is above the setting size it will display as a link that you can select to open it.

Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 4th, 2014
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