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UBB.Threads v6.0 Changelog · Wiki

Feature Changes

• All html has been moved to templates and is XHTML compliant for better interoperability.
• All templates are editable via the control panel.
• Each forum can have its own custom header and footer.
• Added user ratings.
• Added topic ratings.
• All SQL queries have been tuned or optimized. There are far fewer queries now.
• Moved post icons from a drop down to a radio button style so a user can see what icon they are selecting.
• Added quick UBBCode™ and Graemlins buttons to the post form.
• Made changes to the upload function so the script does not allow .php, php3, php4, cgi, pl, exe, .bat, and .reg files.
• Added links to the config editor that check if directories exist and are writable for sessions, file uploads and picture uploads.
• Added an option to use zlib compression if available.
• Added a config option to print page generation times, number of queries and zlib compression status in the footer.
• Added a new option so Admins can manually approve users. When this option is on, Admins get an email when a new user registers.
• Added php versions of all the cron scripts.
• Added moderator display to postlist, showflat, showthreaded.
• New passwords will now be md5 based instead of crypt.
• Modified the code markup tag so it does not parse for any markup within the tags except for font colors.
• config.inc.php no longer needs to be located in main UBB.threads™ install directory.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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